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Identify Steiff Bears Based on Material

steiffDid you know that the material of your Steiff bears says a lot? Yes, they’re more than meets the eye and prepare to be mind blown as we unfold the specifics. Hey, no need to be surprised. This over a century year old brand had this coming and for good reason.

  • EYES

Earlier Steiff toys came with shoe button eyes followed by glass ones in 1910 and since 1960, plastic have been the material of choice.


Claws in different bears vary in both material and number. The first versions came with five claws and felt pads. In 1906, felt was still the material of choice but the claws were reduced to four in each bear paw. In 1976 felt was replaced with jersey knit cloth and since the year 1970, there were no more claws on their paws.


Since 1904, the Steiff Company has created a signature trademark to help customers identify their toys from the rest known as the knopf ihm or which translates to button in ear. Depending on when the toys were manufactured they come with an iron, brass, nickel or gold-plated button. The earlier versions had flat logos either of the word Steiff or an elephant while newer ones are embossed.


Either sewn into the hem of the ear or chest area, these tags have the words ‘Made in Germany’, ‘Steiff Original’ or ‘Made in US-Zone Germany’ printed on them. Where the other materials in this list tell of a point in time, fabric tags speak of the type. Depending on the color (yellow, white or red), they can differentiate regular designs from replicas and from listed editions.

  • FUR

From 1902 to 1946, the toys were made  of mohair known for its soft texture and luster. The shift came thereafter and found the toys decked in synthetic fiber which are made from synthesized polymers and are known for its unique properties such as heat resistance, low moisture absorbency rate, flame resistance, low costs, and ease of cleaning.


Yes, even the things inside the toy can tell us a lot about it. Since 1904, excelsior or wood-wool shaving was used followed by foam rubber artificial snow flakes in 1960 and then by synthetic stuffing since the 1970s up to the present day.

While the material used for he production of Steiff toys and products have changed over the years, one thing remains constant and that is the brand’s aim of bringing nothing but he best for kids and the kids at heart.


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How to Buy A Steiff Bear Online Like a Pro

In a world like ours where you can virtually buy anything and everything on the internet, it pays to have a few tricks up of your sleeves. Take for example stuffed toys. You’ll want to make the most out of every purchase regardless if they are collectible pieces, limited editions, vintage or the regular models. And so you ask. How does one buy a Steiff bear online like a pro?

  • Compare and canvass from one site to another. This should allow you to best get the best price for the same item. Don’t forget to compute in the delivery charges and taxes, if any to your total cost as you compare.
  • Know how to validate and authenticate toys. Since you won’t be seeing the items upfront before your purchase, knowing how to authenticate even by looking at pictures is important. Also, make sure to read and understand the return policies in case something goes wrong.
  • Be careful about sharing private information. There is only handful of information needed when you buy online like names, address, contact number and payment details. Things such as your birthday and tax identification number shouldn’t be shared. Make sure that there’s a “Privacy Policy” too.
  • Read reviews and testimonials from past and present customers. To give you a glimpse of the shop’s service and product quality, ask its customers. You’ll see a ton of reviews, testimonials and feedback from forums, blogs and even on the site itself. Don’t be lazy. Read them and you’ll thank yourself for it.
  • Schedule your deliveries to match your needs. The thing with buying teddy bears online is that you don’t get the instant gratification of bringing them home with you after checkout. You’ll have to wait for them to be delivered, the length of which depends on where it came from and where you are as well as various laws and procedures implemented in your country. If you need it for an event, say as a present for a birthday party, make sure that you order it ahead of time. Check the shipping guidelines.
  • Use safer paying methods. Many people are skeptical about sharing their credit or debit card details and we don’t blame them. Fortunately safer paying methods can be used online such as Paypal and its various counterparts. Even prepaid and reloadable credit cards do the trick.

Now that you know how to buy a Steiff bear online like a pro, what are you waiting for? Visit http://www.steiffteddybears.co.uk.

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