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Gift Guide: Stuffed Animals, Dolls, Toys and What They Mean

Did you know that there’s a hidden meaning behind every present? As humans, we fancy symbols and we like to put words in things. However sometimes we don’t realize that an item has subconscious messages that get relayed to the receiver. They may not hold steadfast for everyone but it’s still fun to know what stuffed animals, toys and dolls symbolize.

DOLLS portray what people often call art imitating life. It is for this reason that they symbolize family, filial and sibling relationships, friendships, closeness and the human bond. Because they have features that closely resemble humans, despite some details a little exaggerated, they also denote self identity. It’s no surprise that these are often used for role play among children. Even the kids at heart love dressing them.

remotecontrolCARS are all about mobility, movement, travel and adventure. Since they replicate machines with some having remote controllable features, they can likewise stand for power, control, responsibility and independence. Who knew such a small toy could mean so much?

ARTS and craft related presents are a no brainer. Things like watercolor, paint, brushes, colored pens and pencils, sketch books, drawing books, play dough and the like represent imagination, creativity, expression, ingenuity, resourcefulness and originality. Unlike the other items on this list, these create and produce something new.

PUZZLES signify decision making, problem solving, accomplishment, focus and goal setting. They also denote creativity and an eye for visuals. After all, it takes a good eye to identify and put together parts of a big picture. These come in all shape, sizes and patterns and are very well display collectibles.

BOARD GAMES are the perfect present across all age groups. They’re fun but also educational. They trigger the use of brain power which exercises the mind to do things that it would otherwise do in a more formal setting but in a fun way. They symbolize a multitude of things such as structure, compliance, cooperation, success, failure, teamwork and leadership.

STUFFED ANIMALS like teddy bears are much alike dolls. They denote family, filial and sibling relationships, friendships, closeness and the human bond. But more than that, they also foster a love and appreciation for the environment as these presents often come in designs and models that take after animals and other things found in nature. They also signify imagination and creativity with some fashioned after fictional characters.