Why Stuffed Animals are More Than Just Toys

stuffed animalsStuffed animals are defined by the dictionary as “toys sewn from textile and stuffed with soft materials, something meant to be played with especially by children”. That’s true to a degree but as the world evolves, that definition changes with the time too. Even adults (aka the kids at heart) love having them. Plus, they’re more than just play things. They can be a collectible item, even a rarity.

Really, stuffed animals are more than just your average toys. Of course the word “why” would no doubt be the question that rings along the hallways of human curiosity. They’re a toy but not just a toy? That sounds both conflicting and absurd. But really, we mean it.

Stuffed animals have long been the subject of fun and entertainment. After all, they do fall under the category of toys. We purchase them for the mere purpose that they’d be fun or even cute to have either for ourselves or for others.

They nurture creativity. It’s no secret that these items can spark the imagination. Apart from helping introduce the five senses to toddlers through colors, patterns, textures, music, etcetera, they also encourage role play among children. Over time, this builds on their imagination and creativity which is crucial not only during their developmental years but also in life in general.

Would you believe that they also play a role in mental health? Believe it or not, they do and in quite an impactful way too. When children feel scared, sad or lonely, they tend to gravitate towards stuffed animals. They become friends. They help ease those negative emotions. In fact, they can be used to relieve or treat anxiety, depression and trauma.

They can be quite the lucrative investment. Collectible stuffed animals can fetch a hefty price tag and be just as valuable as a fancy sports car or a prime property downtown. In a way, they are toys of luxury and would require someone to be at the top of their game to amass. The most expensive to date stands at $2.1 million which is a Steiff cinnamon bear dressed in a complete Louis Vuitton travel gear with matching luggage.

Treasures, that’s what they are. Stuffed animals are truly gems and we don’t mean just the collectibles. All of them. They form a huge part of our childhood. Some even have history neatly tucked into every fiber. There are others that serve as heirlooms. Really, they’re more than just a stuffed piece of soft fabric.


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