Month: January 2017

Buy Teddy Bears Online But Safety First!

steiff onlineWe’re often told to shop smart and the reasons are obvious. Earning money isn’t easy and so it’s but common sense to spend it as wisely as we can. The digital age has blessed us with cyber shopping but despite its convenience and perks, we still have to put our guards up. As they say, safety first! So here’s our take, a hearty advice if you will, on the practices we keep when we buy teddy bears online.

Inspecting the Site

Call it judging the book by its cover but there’s always something that will feel and look off when one comes across a bad site and by bad we mean either poor quality or a scam. For starters, images used are generic or have appeared on other websites. A legit and quality shop will take their own photos of each product. Also, information should be provided for in detail and are easy to find. A dedicated FAQs page, Terms and Conditions, and even Contact form should be visible and present.

Reading the Privacy Policy

When one shops online, critical and sensitive information are exchanged. This includes one’s name, mailing address, contact details and credit card numbers. Therefore, it is crucial to only transact with shops that uphold strong ethical practices to ensure that such data are protected and only used as per the requirements of the transaction and nothing more. The details as to how this is to be done will be stated in the Privacy Policy statement.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

Different sellers have varying procedures and therefore terms and conditions. This makes it a must for us to read through them regardless of how boring it could be. It’s a means to safeguard ourselves and our purchases. It will also help us avoid any inconvenience later on. Some of the more important aspects to check would be shipping rates and schedules, returns and exchanges and taxes and duties.

Consulting Reviews and Feedback

Since we’re not dealing with a physical shop where we can buy teddy bears, one of the best means for us to find out about product and service quality is by means of feedback from past and present customers. Many sites provide this on their platforms but it will also be wise to check out forums, blogs and other relevant web pages for more reviews and testimonials.

Doing a Background Check

Last but not the least make sure to run a background check on the shop before you buy teddy bears online. It’s a no brainer. In fact, it’s a must and should always be done.