Month: December 2016

Flower Girl Gift Ideas: Stuffed Animals, Diaries, Jewelry and More

Weddings are no doubt exciting but they can be stressful too. With so much to do and with the clock ticking, it can be pretty hectic at some point. But don’t let that steal the thrill and enthusiasm! One of the things that many brides would often overlook would be the presents for their flower girls. It may seem like a piece of cake but picking the perfect gift can be confusing too. Should you go for stuffed animals or dolls? Jewelry or diaries? We give you a run down on the most popular and well received items to narrow the options.

  1. ART AND CRAFT MATERIALS – Little girls are quite the artistic bunch. Well, all kids are. You can purchase and come up with kits containing coloring book, modeling clay, colorful pens, set of crayons, fancy craft papers and more. Just be mindful and make sure that all the items are labeled safe for children and are non-toxic.
  2. STORY BOOKS – Everyone loves a good bedtime story and these little ladies will surely love a good set of books be it fairytales or adventure. Find one that has pretty illustrations in them but at the same time are accompanied by big bold texts to allow for better readability. After all, they’re still kids. They’re learning how to read and this is a neat way to encourage imagination.
  3. JOURNALS – It would be nice to give them something pretty to scribble on, don’t you think? Besides, just because we live in the digital age doesn’t mean that the art of journaling and owning diaries is dead. In fact, there are tons more designs and even customizable ones where you can have their name on the cover.
  4. stuffed-animals-giftsNECKLACE – If you’d like to get them something a tad bit fancy then a necklace or would be a great idea. Bracelets and rings may be pretty but they’re easier to lose as kids love to play around with their hands. For a more special present, you can go to a specialty shop where you can customize your own.
  5. STUFFED ANIMALS – We may live in a fast paced world run by computers and smart phones but classic stuffed animal toys will never go out of style. They’re timeless pieces and they are definitely something that will put a smile on your flower girls’ faces. What kid doesn’t want a toy as a present?