Month: November 2016

Collectible Teddy Bears: Why They’re Therapeutic

collectible-steiff-bearCollectible teddy bears and stuffed toys do more than just provide fun and entertainment. In a way, they also serve a therapeutic benefit for children. As a matter of fact, they have long since been used for such purpose without many of us knowing. Read on and discover how a seemingly simple toy does a whole lot more than meets the eye.

  • They allow for self awareness and expression.

Stuffed animal toys are a great way to stir imagination and hone creativity. It is for these reasons that children get to be themselves, play at their own pace and revel at their own thoughts thus helping them have a better grasp about themselves and how they would like to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

  • They help children cope with depression.

The sense of touch is very powerful in terms of helping cure or at least relieve people of depression and other negative emotions. The softness of these toys provides comfort and the often happy and jolly colors and designs give off happy hormones that is great to encourage healing and positive emotions. Plus, hugs are a definite therapy on their own.

  • They’re a good mechanism to rid anxiety and nerves.

To help kids in coping with their anxiety and nerves, say for example when first attending regular school, teddy bears provide confidence. They are made at ease knowing that they have with them something that’s not only familiar but also a friend. In fact, these toys are used in many clinics and hospitals to help children who aren’t very comfortable with receiving medical treatment, for example injections, hospitalizations and dental procedures.

  • They can encourage healing from trauma.

Many charities and organizations have used teddy bears and various other stuffed toys to help kids and relieve them from their traumas. These traumatic experiences can come in many forms. A few common ones would have to be those felt and experienced amidst war, violence and abuse. They’re a simple mechanism that helps no matter how small.

  • They’re effective at fear management.

Collectible teddy bears and stuffed animals can also help kids in terms of conquering their fears. How many of us have loved their company at bedtime or at situations when we feel all alone? Many doctors suggest their use especially for children who have trouble sleeping, those suffering from nightmares and as mentioned earlier, during medical procedures to ease the fear of injections, tooth extractions and the like.

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How to Start a Stuffed Animals Collection

steiff-displayCollections come in all shapes and sizes. Stuffed animals are no different. As a matter of fact, these toys are one of the most treasured and collected all over the world with teddy bears being a favorite type.

If you’re a budding stuffed animal toy collector and you want to start your own stash of cuddly wonders then you’ve come to the right place. We’re dishing out a few tips and tricks from expert collectors themselves.

  • Know your space. – It’s imperative for you to take a look around and analyze the space you’re working with. Collecting comes with a responsibility and one of that happens to be proper storage. The type you choose shall depend on your available space and not the other way around.
  • Develop a system for storage. – These collectibles aren’t going to clean up after themselves nor will they come back to their designated spots at the stroke of midnight which is why choosing and developing storage units are necessary. It’s essential for several reasons such as display and care.
  • Assess your budget. – Stuffed animals are priced differently depending on several factors like age, rarity and condition to name a few. You must know how much you can and are willing to spend for this endeavor. Of course you don’t have to splurge in one go. Collections come with a factor of time too. You accumulate them over time not all at once.
  • Know which stuffed toys you want. – There too are many kinds available in the market. It can even feel very overwhelming because there’s so much to choose from. To avoid having to scour through for all of eternity, have a type of collectible stuffed toy in mind ahead of time so you can go and focus your search.
  • Look for reputable sellers. – It wouldn’t be wise to jump on the first seller you see. There’s a lot that goes with it like research, background checks and customer reviews. Only transact with trusted sellers to get the most out of your buck.
  • Network and ask around. – Collecting stuffed animals should be fun so don’t take it all too seriously that you juice out all the enjoyment in it. Go ahead and make connections with people of the same interests and hobbies as you do. Ask for tips and advice or even trade or barter your toy collectibles.