What These People Said About Steiff Teddy Bears Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

charly steiffThe Merriam-Webster dictionary defines nostalgia as a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition. As humans are sentimental by nature given our being creatures of feeling and emotion, it’s not surprising that we have a certain attachment to things. Every chance we get to seeing them, we automatically get a sense of nostalgia. One of the few things that does this really well would have to be Steiff toys or more specifically, stuffed toys.

And since we wanted to prove that point, we’ve compiled a list of things people have said about Steiff teddy bears and toys that’ll make even the most stoic of people nostalgic.

• “Once a bear has been loved by a human being, its expression is forever marked.” (Jama Kim Rattigan)

Friendship is forever and so are these toys. It’s not surprising why even as adults we find it so hard to let them go so it’s a toss between keeping them for ourselves and passing it to our kids as an heirloom.

• “One never quite gets over a lost bear.” (Jane Swan)

Did you lose one when you were a kid? Lucky you if you didn’t because we did and we haven’t moved on from it for decades and counting.

• “You really don’t have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear.” (Rachel Newman)

Kids having Steiff bears are pretty much second nature. But as adults? Yes they’re still up there in our list of trusted best friends. We have a pact. Also, they keep your secrets well. Mister Bear didn’t budge when that kid from gradeschool asked it to spill my crush.

• “A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur, and as such, he commands affection long after he is out grown.” (Pam Brown)

We’ve shared a lot of memories and spent so many summers together. These toys were our comrades. They get to hug us when we scrape our knees or at night when we were scared to sleep because of the boogyman.

• “There’s no bear like an old bear.” (Samantha Armstrong)

Like a good old friend, they’re simply irreplaceable. They’re one of a kind and even if there’s an exact similar one with that kid round the block, your piece is uniquely your own. That won’t change  even as you grow old.

• “When everyone else has let you down, there’s always Ted.” (Clara Ortega)

How many times have we spent our bad days all curled up in bed crying and hugging these toys close to our chests? A lot most likely. They’ve been there for us in our ups and downs without fail. That and they don’t judge us. They love us for who we are.

• “Now that I’m all grown up, I can buy any old Teddy Bear I want – except the old Teddy Bear I want.” (William Sternman)

Even the most expensive or the newest toy cannot replace our beloved childhood toys. They’re precious like that. Treasures even.

How about you? Do Steiff teddy bears make you feel nostalgic too?


Identify Steiff Bears Based on Material

steiffDid you know that the material of your Steiff bears says a lot? Yes, they’re more than meets the eye and prepare to be mind blown as we unfold the specifics. Hey, no need to be surprised. This over a century year old brand had this coming and for good reason.

  • EYES

Earlier Steiff toys came with shoe button eyes followed by glass ones in 1910 and since 1960, plastic have been the material of choice.


Claws in different bears vary in both material and number. The first versions came with five claws and felt pads. In 1906, felt was still the material of choice but the claws were reduced to four in each bear paw. In 1976 felt was replaced with jersey knit cloth and since the year 1970, there were no more claws on their paws.


Since 1904, the Steiff Company has created a signature trademark to help customers identify their toys from the rest known as the knopf ihm or which translates to button in ear. Depending on when the toys were manufactured they come with an iron, brass, nickel or gold-plated button. The earlier versions had flat logos either of the word Steiff or an elephant while newer ones are embossed.


Either sewn into the hem of the ear or chest area, these tags have the words ‘Made in Germany’, ‘Steiff Original’ or ‘Made in US-Zone Germany’ printed on them. Where the other materials in this list tell of a point in time, fabric tags speak of the type. Depending on the color (yellow, white or red), they can differentiate regular designs from replicas and from listed editions.

  • FUR

From 1902 to 1946, the toys were made  of mohair known for its soft texture and luster. The shift came thereafter and found the toys decked in synthetic fiber which are made from synthesized polymers and are known for its unique properties such as heat resistance, low moisture absorbency rate, flame resistance, low costs, and ease of cleaning.


Yes, even the things inside the toy can tell us a lot about it. Since 1904, excelsior or wood-wool shaving was used followed by foam rubber artificial snow flakes in 1960 and then by synthetic stuffing since the 1970s up to the present day.

While the material used for he production of Steiff toys and products have changed over the years, one thing remains constant and that is the brand’s aim of bringing nothing but he best for kids and the kids at heart.


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3 of the World’s Most Prized Teddy Bears

teddy-bearIf you love stuffed animals and lists then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the entire planet for the world’s most prized aka expensive toys and here’s a rundown on three of the most valuable of teddy bears in existence. Be prepared to see your jaw drop.

#1: Steiff Louis Vuitton Bear — $2,100,000

The toy is pretty much a symbol of luxury considering its price point. What’s interesting is that it has held the record as the most expensive teddy bear for seventeen years now. It was sold at a 2000 Monaco auction to Jessie Kim of Korea and is currently housed at the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island, South Korea. The toy was a collaboration between the German manufacturer and the European fashion house. The classic and signature mohair bear comes with an LV designer coat and hat accompanied by a miniature Louis Vuitton monogram suitcase.

#2: Teddy Girl — $150,000

Perhaps one of the most interesting pieces of all time, Teddy Girl became valuable for its richly documented history. The toy was previously owned by Colonel Bob Henderson of the British Army, acting as a small arms adviser to Field Marshal Montgomery. Col. Henderson was a popular fan of teddy bears so much so that he had his favorite tucked to his side as he fought World War II and survived the D-Day landings. The moniker came about when after one night Bob came home to find his daughter put the bear in a dress. In 1962 Henderson became the President of the Teddy Bear Club and founded Good Bears of the World, an international charity which provides teddy bears for sick children. The toy was offered for sale four years after his death at a 1994 Christie’s auction where it fetched $150,000.

#3: Titanic Mourning Bear — $136,000

Six hundred black mohair teddy bears of five different sizes were manufactured by the Steiff Company to commemorate the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912. Finding one in exceptionally great condition is so rare and close to impossible until the year 2000 when a twenty inch mourning bear was auctioned off at Christie’s in London for $136,00 to the Puppenhaus Museum in Basle, Switzerland. According to its owner, she never really liked the toy as a child so it lived most of its life inside a wardrobe where it was somehow preserved.
For more on Steiff bears, visit this page http://www.steiffteddybears.co.uk.


Why Stuffed Animals are More Than Just Toys

stuffed animalsStuffed animals are defined by the dictionary as “toys sewn from textile and stuffed with soft materials, something meant to be played with especially by children”. That’s true to a degree but as the world evolves, that definition changes with the time too. Even adults (aka the kids at heart) love having them. Plus, they’re more than just play things. They can be a collectible item, even a rarity.

Really, stuffed animals are more than just your average toys. Of course the word “why” would no doubt be the question that rings along the hallways of human curiosity. They’re a toy but not just a toy? That sounds both conflicting and absurd. But really, we mean it.

Stuffed animals have long been the subject of fun and entertainment. After all, they do fall under the category of toys. We purchase them for the mere purpose that they’d be fun or even cute to have either for ourselves or for others.

They nurture creativity. It’s no secret that these items can spark the imagination. Apart from helping introduce the five senses to toddlers through colors, patterns, textures, music, etcetera, they also encourage role play among children. Over time, this builds on their imagination and creativity which is crucial not only during their developmental years but also in life in general.

Would you believe that they also play a role in mental health? Believe it or not, they do and in quite an impactful way too. When children feel scared, sad or lonely, they tend to gravitate towards stuffed animals. They become friends. They help ease those negative emotions. In fact, they can be used to relieve or treat anxiety, depression and trauma.

They can be quite the lucrative investment. Collectible stuffed animals can fetch a hefty price tag and be just as valuable as a fancy sports car or a prime property downtown. In a way, they are toys of luxury and would require someone to be at the top of their game to amass. The most expensive to date stands at $2.1 million which is a Steiff cinnamon bear dressed in a complete Louis Vuitton travel gear with matching luggage.

Treasures, that’s what they are. Stuffed animals are truly gems and we don’t mean just the collectibles. All of them. They form a huge part of our childhood. Some even have history neatly tucked into every fiber. There are others that serve as heirlooms. Really, they’re more than just a stuffed piece of soft fabric.



How Smart Shoppers Buys Steiff Online

steiff bWhen it comes to shopping, we have to be smart. We need to beat the system at its game or else we’ll be spending our money and hard work on things that don’t live up to their promise. Isn’t that a nightmare or tragedy of sorts? So if you want to buy Steiff online like a wise shopper then you better take note of the following tips.

  • Run a background check. – Every time you come across an online shop you’d wish to buy from, make it appoint to research. We have to acknowledge the fact that there are bogus websites out there and also those who don’t deliver what they say they will. To avoid transacting with them in the first place, do some research. With the internet these days, it shouldn’t be any difficult.
  • Always compare and contrast. – To make the most out of your money, it would be wise to look around. Canvass from various online shops just as you would with the regular stores you come across with. There are sellers who actually offer the same or similar items but price them differently or have varied shipping costs and terms.
  • Read reviews and feedback. – Since we can’t exactly see the toys ourselves, one way to assess their quality is to hear from those who have purchased before us. Reviews, feedback and customer testimonials come in bulk all over cyberspace. Just make sure that you’re reading from trustworthy sites, blogs and forums.
  • Compute for total costs. – What many shoppers fail to realize when they buy online is that there’s more to the toy’s price tag. Remember that we’ll have to deal with the shipping fees and if we’re ordering from a seller abroad then there are chances that we’ll have to pay for custom fees and other taxes too.
  • Be careful when sharing information. – Since you will be sharing confidential information such as names, shipping address, contact details and payment info, see to it that the site has a well structured privacy policy and that they actually put emphasis in protecting and keeping these data confidential as should be.
  • Understand terms and conditions. – Every time you buy teddy bears online, see to it that you first understand all the terms and conditions of the site and the seller. Read up on the privacy policy, FAQs page, return policy, shipping terms and the like. It pays to be informed.

Stuffed Animals We Love

stuffed animalWe love quite a lot of things and we bet it holds true for most people too. Stuffed animals are no exception and if asked to come up with a list of favorites, the following will no doubt come up. Go on and check out if your choice made it to our list.

  • Alonzo

Manufactured in 1908, this vintage Steiff red bear was previously owned by Princess Xenia. Received as a gift from her father George Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia, it was purchased in 1989 at a Christie’s London auction for $12,100. The toy served as the princess’ best friend which accompanied her from childhood to adulthood and was her primary companion as she fled to England during the Russian Revolution.

  • Charles Stephens

With its pin-striped vest and white dress shirt with a red tie and pocket square, this toy may not seem so special at first. But then it’s one bought at Harrods, an up-market department store in London, by no less than Prince William for his then pregnant wife Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Queen Elizabeth II

The last royal bear in this list, this Steiff creation was manufactured to celebrate a milestone after the queen officially became longest ruling monarch of the United Kingdom officially surpassing Queen Victoria. The toy clocks at thirty centimeters long with luxurious Schulte Mohair. It comes with a crown and a regal coronation robe. It even plays “God Save the Queen”, Britain’s national anthem.

  • Titanic Mourning Bear

After the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912, Steiff manufactured and released a limited edition bear to mourn for the loss. Unlike its previous designs, this was a striking black from head to toe. It came in five different sizes but at present, these bears are fairly hard to come by.

  • Louis Vuitton Bear

It would be impossible to not include this in our list. Still the most expensive stuffed animal of all time, the Louis Vuitton Steiff bear was sold for $2.1 million in a 2000 Monaco to Jessie Kim of Korea. The toy is preserved and exhibited at the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island, Korea.

  • Diamond Eyes Teddy

Of all the stuffed animals we’ve seen, nothing beats the Steiff diamond-eyed bear which was manufactured for the German toy brand’s 125th anniversary in the industry. With only 125 pieces made that was initially sold for $84,000 a piece, it came with a golden snout, golden thread for fur and a pair of eyes made of sapphires and diamonds.

Learn more about Steiff here http://www.steiffteddybears.co.uk/

Steiff Kermit the Frog Stuffed Animal

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Gift Guide: Stuffed Animals, Dolls, Toys and What They Mean

Did you know that there’s a hidden meaning behind every present? As humans, we fancy symbols and we like to put words in things. However sometimes we don’t realize that an item has subconscious messages that get relayed to the receiver. They may not hold steadfast for everyone but it’s still fun to know what stuffed animals, toys and dolls symbolize.

DOLLS portray what people often call art imitating life. It is for this reason that they symbolize family, filial and sibling relationships, friendships, closeness and the human bond. Because they have features that closely resemble humans, despite some details a little exaggerated, they also denote self identity. It’s no surprise that these are often used for role play among children. Even the kids at heart love dressing them.

remotecontrolCARS are all about mobility, movement, travel and adventure. Since they replicate machines with some having remote controllable features, they can likewise stand for power, control, responsibility and independence. Who knew such a small toy could mean so much?

ARTS and craft related presents are a no brainer. Things like watercolor, paint, brushes, colored pens and pencils, sketch books, drawing books, play dough and the like represent imagination, creativity, expression, ingenuity, resourcefulness and originality. Unlike the other items on this list, these create and produce something new.

PUZZLES signify decision making, problem solving, accomplishment, focus and goal setting. They also denote creativity and an eye for visuals. After all, it takes a good eye to identify and put together parts of a big picture. These come in all shape, sizes and patterns and are very well display collectibles.

BOARD GAMES are the perfect present across all age groups. They’re fun but also educational. They trigger the use of brain power which exercises the mind to do things that it would otherwise do in a more formal setting but in a fun way. They symbolize a multitude of things such as structure, compliance, cooperation, success, failure, teamwork and leadership.

STUFFED ANIMALS like teddy bears are much alike dolls. They denote family, filial and sibling relationships, friendships, closeness and the human bond. But more than that, they also foster a love and appreciation for the environment as these presents often come in designs and models that take after animals and other things found in nature. They also signify imagination and creativity with some fashioned after fictional characters.


Buy Teddy Bears Online But Safety First!

steiff onlineWe’re often told to shop smart and the reasons are obvious. Earning money isn’t easy and so it’s but common sense to spend it as wisely as we can. The digital age has blessed us with cyber shopping but despite its convenience and perks, we still have to put our guards up. As they say, safety first! So here’s our take, a hearty advice if you will, on the practices we keep when we buy teddy bears online.

Inspecting the Site

Call it judging the book by its cover but there’s always something that will feel and look off when one comes across a bad site and by bad we mean either poor quality or a scam. For starters, images used are generic or have appeared on other websites. A legit and quality shop will take their own photos of each product. Also, information should be provided for in detail and are easy to find. A dedicated FAQs page, Terms and Conditions, and even Contact form should be visible and present.

Reading the Privacy Policy

When one shops online, critical and sensitive information are exchanged. This includes one’s name, mailing address, contact details and credit card numbers. Therefore, it is crucial to only transact with shops that uphold strong ethical practices to ensure that such data are protected and only used as per the requirements of the transaction and nothing more. The details as to how this is to be done will be stated in the Privacy Policy statement.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

Different sellers have varying procedures and therefore terms and conditions. This makes it a must for us to read through them regardless of how boring it could be. It’s a means to safeguard ourselves and our purchases. It will also help us avoid any inconvenience later on. Some of the more important aspects to check would be shipping rates and schedules, returns and exchanges and taxes and duties.

Consulting Reviews and Feedback

Since we’re not dealing with a physical shop where we can buy teddy bears, one of the best means for us to find out about product and service quality is by means of feedback from past and present customers. Many sites provide this on their platforms but it will also be wise to check out forums, blogs and other relevant web pages for more reviews and testimonials.

Doing a Background Check

Last but not the least make sure to run a background check on the shop before you buy teddy bears online. It’s a no brainer. In fact, it’s a must and should always be done.


Flower Girl Gift Ideas: Stuffed Animals, Diaries, Jewelry and More

Weddings are no doubt exciting but they can be stressful too. With so much to do and with the clock ticking, it can be pretty hectic at some point. But don’t let that steal the thrill and enthusiasm! One of the things that many brides would often overlook would be the presents for their flower girls. It may seem like a piece of cake but picking the perfect gift can be confusing too. Should you go for stuffed animals or dolls? Jewelry or diaries? We give you a run down on the most popular and well received items to narrow the options.

  1. ART AND CRAFT MATERIALS – Little girls are quite the artistic bunch. Well, all kids are. You can purchase and come up with kits containing coloring book, modeling clay, colorful pens, set of crayons, fancy craft papers and more. Just be mindful and make sure that all the items are labeled safe for children and are non-toxic.
  2. STORY BOOKS – Everyone loves a good bedtime story and these little ladies will surely love a good set of books be it fairytales or adventure. Find one that has pretty illustrations in them but at the same time are accompanied by big bold texts to allow for better readability. After all, they’re still kids. They’re learning how to read and this is a neat way to encourage imagination.
  3. JOURNALS – It would be nice to give them something pretty to scribble on, don’t you think? Besides, just because we live in the digital age doesn’t mean that the art of journaling and owning diaries is dead. In fact, there are tons more designs and even customizable ones where you can have their name on the cover.
  4. stuffed-animals-giftsNECKLACE – If you’d like to get them something a tad bit fancy then a necklace or would be a great idea. Bracelets and rings may be pretty but they’re easier to lose as kids love to play around with their hands. For a more special present, you can go to a specialty shop where you can customize your own.
  5. STUFFED ANIMALS – We may live in a fast paced world run by computers and smart phones but classic stuffed animal toys will never go out of style. They’re timeless pieces and they are definitely something that will put a smile on your flower girls’ faces. What kid doesn’t want a toy as a present?

Collectible Teddy Bears: Why They’re Therapeutic

collectible-steiff-bearCollectible teddy bears and stuffed toys do more than just provide fun and entertainment. In a way, they also serve a therapeutic benefit for children. As a matter of fact, they have long since been used for such purpose without many of us knowing. Read on and discover how a seemingly simple toy does a whole lot more than meets the eye.

  • They allow for self awareness and expression.

Stuffed animal toys are a great way to stir imagination and hone creativity. It is for these reasons that children get to be themselves, play at their own pace and revel at their own thoughts thus helping them have a better grasp about themselves and how they would like to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

  • They help children cope with depression.

The sense of touch is very powerful in terms of helping cure or at least relieve people of depression and other negative emotions. The softness of these toys provides comfort and the often happy and jolly colors and designs give off happy hormones that is great to encourage healing and positive emotions. Plus, hugs are a definite therapy on their own.

  • They’re a good mechanism to rid anxiety and nerves.

To help kids in coping with their anxiety and nerves, say for example when first attending regular school, teddy bears provide confidence. They are made at ease knowing that they have with them something that’s not only familiar but also a friend. In fact, these toys are used in many clinics and hospitals to help children who aren’t very comfortable with receiving medical treatment, for example injections, hospitalizations and dental procedures.

  • They can encourage healing from trauma.

Many charities and organizations have used teddy bears and various other stuffed toys to help kids and relieve them from their traumas. These traumatic experiences can come in many forms. A few common ones would have to be those felt and experienced amidst war, violence and abuse. They’re a simple mechanism that helps no matter how small.

  • They’re effective at fear management.

Collectible teddy bears and stuffed animals can also help kids in terms of conquering their fears. How many of us have loved their company at bedtime or at situations when we feel all alone? Many doctors suggest their use especially for children who have trouble sleeping, those suffering from nightmares and as mentioned earlier, during medical procedures to ease the fear of injections, tooth extractions and the like.

Check this page out www.steiffteddybears.co.uk!

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